Monday, November 12, 2012

Springhill Group: Happiness Starts at Being Healthy

It is important to monitor your health and start young but for most people out there who hold back because of their age, it is never too late to change your lifestyle and start living a healthy life. It has been a genre that if you wanted to get fit and healthy you must go to the gym and slog yourself to maintain your fitness. Sure it can help you but did you know that just by changing your general daily activity can particularly improve your health and energy?

Keeping healthy and staying fit is quite a challenge but will definitely make a big change in your emotional wellbeing, ease physical symptoms, lighten your loads and can make you see brighter outlook of life.

Here are tips on how to stay healthy with lesser effort:

Did you know that walking can be a great form of exercise? Yes, as simple as walking can make you healthier.
  • Lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol)
  • Raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol)
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Reduce your risk of or manage type 2 diabetes
  • Manage your weight
  • Improve your mood
  • Stay strong and fit
  • Provides many of the same benefits as more vigorous forms of exercise, but with less chance of injury
  • Fits into any lifestyle, so you're more likely to do it regularly and stick with it
  • Doesn't require special equipment, apart from a pair of supportive shoes
  • You don't need special facilities, its FREE
  • You can combine it with other activities like walking your dog.

After a few weeks or so, you will realize that you fell lighter and stress-free. Your energy levels increase, you do not get to tire easily.

Your daily habits can affect your health entirely as well. As you adapt to every changes in your daily activities you can notice many differences in your energy level.

· If your workplace is too far for walking and you need a means of transportation yet is too near to drive, you can use your bicycle instead.

· Takes stairs instead of the lift or escalators.

· Hand carry your groceries instead of using a trolley.

· Walk your dog in the afternoon.

· Do physical activities instead of turning into television and computers if bored.

Those are just examples of what you can do; maintain the habit and you will see changes in no time. Do not be impatient, as they say “no pain, no glory”.

Shave off calories! Body weight depends on a balance ‘calories in’ and ‘calories out’. Calories are another name for the energy content of food and drinks. Weight increases if these calories intake are higher than the calories that are being burned by your body. Calories are burned through the use of that energy. You must take off 600 calories energy intake everyday. Recommended target intake of calories for men is 1,900 and 1,300 for women. Avoid eating high-fat foods and alcoholic beverages they are high in calories. Eat variety of foods and avoid saturated fats.

Many factors are affecting your health for some reason there are factors you cannot change. But you can do something about your lifestyle and food intake. And as important as your diet and exercise are, your mind set, your mood and outlook in life play a big part for you to become a healthier you.


  1. Hi, I was once a fat little kid and until my teenage years I am really a fat ass. I was not conscious at all but then I started feeling heavy and I felt the difficulty of breathing. So then I decided to start loosing weight. It was hard at first but being healthy would make a lot of a difference in your life. From 280lbs now I’m down to 110lbs. Just sharing maybe I could touch lives.

  2. Hello, how did you do that? My sister is getting obese, we cannot control her. Can you give me tips? Thank you.