Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Natural cold and flu remedies for children

Homemade medicines are a lot cheaper, safer and easy access. It was always been a debate whether or not chemical medications are good for the heath or have no side effects on the body especially on children. Over the years, there have been many recalls on several drugs due to inadequate or worse non-existent testing procedures.

This is a major burden to parents when their children become ill. Little did they know that there are other medications cheaper and safer. Here are some tips:

This is something good for children and adults’ alike, homeopathic medicines can be found at most health food store in quick dissolving tablet form.

· Belladonna- 6C: Best and helpful for fevers that come on unexpectedly, and it is also good for clear runny nose. Belladonna is helpful as well in easing headaches and inflamed red sore throats.

· Pulsatilla-6C: When nasal discharge is thicker and children are acting clingy and weepy try using this because this is good for it. What’s more is it is helpful for earaches that are less intense.

· Chamomilla- 6C: For irritability and digestive issues, this homeopathic remedy is very good for those sicknesses. And also this is a great help to ease severe pain associated with teething, earaches and gas pains.

*these following guidelines are your medicine cabinet’s must haves. | source: springhill jounal
Without alcohol and other additives, onion and honey cough medicine is a wonderful homemade alternative. Be certain to use good honey; local, organic, raw honey is the finest as it will help to prevent allergies too. The benefit of both honey and onion is that it reduces bronchial constriction because both have anti-bacterial properties and onions contain a compound that. Any onion color will do, chop it and place in a jar, and cover the onion bits with honey. The next day, discard the onion pieces and save the liquid.

This next tip has been used to promote health for centuries now. Honey and cinnamon, this mixture can aid at the first sign of cold and has proven to boost the immune system whether separately or together. To get rid of the cold, just mix one teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon, your colds will be gone in couple of days.

This may sound a little unrealistic for some but definitely true, the healing power of touch. This healing power can be in the form of hugs, kisses, cuddles or even light placement of the hands on areas where there is pain and discomfort. Many studies can back-up that healing touch can reduce pain, boost the immune system, lower stress levels and promote relaxation and healing.

Aside from being cost effective and easy to prepare, natural cold and flu remedies have higher success rate. Homeopathic medicines act to cure the imbalances that preceding to sickness and can be used to stop the illness altogether. They are better than the commercial. Over the counter medicines simply mask the symptoms, or antibiotics that are shown to lower the immune system and decrease resistance. It is also a good fraud prevention, no will never get scammed. Go for alternative medicines.

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